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    Norval Hope


    Nickname: Lurch (Dozer named me 34k into Melbourne 2011 because I was leaning crazily forward, was a pale grey, and could only respond in grunts)
    Vital statistics (2014): Age: 48 Height: 181cm Weight: 70kg
    Family: Wife and two kids (12 and 8)
    Interests outside running: Family, martial arts (Yinfu kungfu), food
    Why I started running: Originally: when aged around 14 mainly XC / track because I was ok at it and it was less painful than rugby. Now: personal development and to stay fit / sane.
    First joined the Midday Milers: June 2010, Smoothy introduced me to 10 x Airlie as one of my first sessions and it taught me quite the lesson about pacing!
    Running highlight: Won't talk about the real highlights of my youth; too long ago and slightly depressing to remember. Since returning to running as an adult definitely finally running my first decent marathon in 7 attempts and finally achieving the sub-3 dream of my childhood: 2:58:04 at Melbourne 2012. So pleasing to get the mark, but even more so to do it at home running first half with Rog, with the support of our great Miler's club and my family unexpectedly at the finish (daughter's birthday)!
    Running lowlight: Melbourne marathons 2010, 2011 going through halfway in 87/86 and having the wheels fly off at 30/32 k. Track seasons 2012, 2013 – I'm done.
    Favourite running shoe: Regular training: Nike Free 3.0 v3 (can't get them anymore, v4s were rubbish and v5s only ok), Skechers Go Speed/Go Run2, Long runs: Inov8 Bare X-Lite 150 / Skechers Go Bionic (0 drop), Track spikes: Adidas Adizero Cadence.
    Favourite area for training: Tan, Goschs, Eaglemont, Collingwood Track, Albert Park Lake, Princes Park
    PB’s: Tan 13:14; 5k 17:41 *; 10k 37:01 * (v soft given 36:58 10k split at Ballarat 2012); 15k 55:53 (Ballarat 2012), Half marathon 1:21:29 *; Marathon 2:58:04. * = age group rather than lifetime
    Best performance ever: 800m 1:59.7 (1980 Hong Kong)
    Any pre-race superstitions: No, but pre-race or long run I always have: fruit juice, a strong coffee, two crumpets with honey and a banana. I avoid alcohol for a week before important races as seems to impact focus / effort.
    How do you prepare for a race?: Annoy wiser and much more accomplished Milers with lots of questions and requests for advice. Struggle with long tapers mentally, and also got sick on the Wed before Gold Coast 2012 (when I think I was in much better shape than for my pb a few months later at Melb).
    Most admired sportsperson: Gebr, Tsegaye Kebede, Rob De Castella, Steve Ovett, Daniel Komen (Two mile WR 7:58.61 !!!)
    Favourite food: Chinese dumplings, Beef Pho, Japanese & Pasta
    Favourite drink: Beer
    Favourite movie: Withnail & I (1987)
    Favourite music: Joy Division / Punk / pounding Acid Techno
    Dream occupation: Kungfu instructor (if only I was good enough and it paid!)
    A little known fact about me: One of my prize possessions is a 5 foot 7 kg Chinese sword called a Da Dao (Grand Sabre). In a master's hand it is a most impressive and beautiful thing, much less so in mine.
    All too well known facts about you: I am 90% quad! A result of at least twice weekly runs up Victoria Peak in Hong Kong as a kid and continual deep stance work since university. Also other Milers tell me that I'm the very worst person to follow on a hot/dusty or muddy speed session. Thankfully I'm not that fast so you can just run in front of me!
    Three things on your bucket list: Trail Ultra, Comrades Ultra (South Africa), Ironman
    Favourite quote: “We cannot learn without pain.” Aristotle
    Favourite Haiku: “To convey one's mood in seventeen syllables is very diffic” John Cooper Clark

    Gerard Koelmeyer


    Nickname: Coalminer
    Vital statistics (2013): Born: 1976 Height: 180cm Weight: 64kg
    Family: Wife - Natsuko
    Interests outside running: Cooking
    Why I started running: To improve cycling
    First joined the Midday Milers: 2012
    Running highlight: Running the 2012 Melbourne Marathon together with my wife
    Sporting lowlight: 2008 Melbourne Marathon – Went exactly to plan in the sense that I didn’t have one.
    Favourite running shoe: Adidas Takumi
    Favourite area for training: Beach Rd, Yarra Blvd
    PB’s: Tan 13:23; 5k 17:46; 10k 37:55; Half marathon 89:39; Marathon 2:56:30
    Any pre-race superstitions: None
    Most admired sportsperson: Yuki Kawauchi; Herb Elliott; Emil Zatopek
    Favourite food: Spaghetti Bolognese; sea urchin
    Favourite drink: Tomato juice
    Favourite movie: Match Point
    Dream occupation: Writer
    A little known fact about me:My heritage is Sri Lankan
    Three things on your bucket list: Visiting space, speaking fluent Japanese, walking the Camino de Santiago
    Most important thing to me: Living in the moment; family; self-improvement


    David Mellings


    Nickname: Rog
    Vital statistics (2013): Born: 25/01/1968, Height: 187 cm, Weight: 77 kg
    Family: Wife Lauren and daughter Ellie. Cat Snowy
    Interests outside running: Footy (Hawks), eating, holidays
    Why I started running: Continually being bugged by friends to do fun runs; eventually I caved. I suspect the fact I was almost 42 and facing an increasing waistline influenced my decision. It wasn’t long and I was hooked
    First joined the Midday Milers: 2012; thanks to Cans for that
    Running highlight: Melbourne Marathon 2012. Was my 2nd marathon, and almost 3 years to the day that I began running. To run sub 3 hours (2:55:29) as a near 45 year old and be part of a winning MMM team was a thrill. The notion I’d even run a marathon a few years earlier was laughable.
    Sporting lowlight: 1. Under 13 cricket, last over and 2 runs required with me facing. We still needed 2 at the end of the over. The wood never touched leather. Also failing to finish AV Bundoora in 2013.
    Favourite running shoe: Adidas Adios 2
    Favourite area for training: On and around the tan. It offers so many options in a small area.
    PB’s: Tan 13:49, 5k 18:28, 10k 37:21, Half 1:23:19, Marathon 2:54:15 (I didn’t have to look any of them up; and yes I know some of them are very soft, the 5k especially).
    Any pre-race superstitions: Traditionally I have Hainanese Chicken Rice from Kotaraya the day prior. I’ve recently shifted though to the Salmon Chazuke at Shyun instead or in addition to. Not really a superstition. For this year’s MM for some reason I did feel the need to use the pins form the previous year’s run.
    Most admired sportsperson: Jason Dunstall. That I got to see his career was a joy; he did everything so efficiently, and with so little fanfare. Unstoppable 1 on 1 at his best. Delivered the club 2 more premierships by sticking his neck out to hire Clarkson.
    Favourite food: See above. I really have a shocking sweet tooth though so I’m a sucker for chocolate, biscuits, cake and ice cream. I have a fridge at home dedicated to them. I don’t have the Marbles Tim Tam fetish though. A good lemon slice is hard to beat. Same with the snot block. Shyun in Carnegie is my favourite restaurant going around.
    Favourite drink: Nothing in particular. On a nice warm day a James Squire Amber Ale, or Bintang will suffice. Pretty partial to some decent Shiraz or sav blanc as well.
    Favourite movie: The Life of Brian. “I say you are the messiah, and I should know I’ve followed a few.”
    Dream occupation: Anything that involves me working in sports.
    Three things on your bucket list: Run an overseas marathon; golf at St Andrews, retire well before age 65 to live a life of luxury.
    Most important thing to me: My family naturally. Standard answer I know. Otherwise I think I’d be hard-pressed not to say running. Even my wife has come to understand that it is something she just has to live with.


    Mark Purvis


    Nickname: Hutz
    Vital statistics (2013): Born: 4 June 1957, Height: 175 cm, Weight: 60 kg
    Family: Married to Candice
    Interests outside running: Golf (Royal Melbourne GC), Melbourne Football Club, singing
    Why I started running: Experimented with lots of sports at school and had immediate success with running
    First joined the Midday Milers: 2007 at the invitation of Ross “OST” Becroft
    Running highlight: First Australian finisher in the 1992 Tokyo Marathon in a PB 2:24.23
    Sporting lowlight: 1. Hit during a run by a car coming out of a Punt Road service station and landing head first on the pavement (which may explain a few things), 2. Being tripped by Luke Yeatman in a track 5000m and landing head first on the track (which may explain a few more things), 3. Running one lap short in World Masters 10000m final in Brazil 2013 (see 1 and 2 above)
    Favourite running shoe: Asics Kayano
    Favourite area for training: The Tan (where else?)
    PB’s: Tan 11:27, 5000m 14:58, Sandown 6.2k 18:56, 10k 31:05, Half 68:44, Marathon 2:24.23
    Any pre-race superstitions: No
    Most admired sportsperson: Haile Gebrselassie
    Favourite food: Chocolate
    Favourite drink: Summer – any good beer; winter – aged Scotch whisky
    Favourite movie: Cinema Paradiso
    Dream occupation: Lead singer in a world famous rock band
    A little known fact about you: Co-wrote and recorded a song “Too Country For Candice” posted on YouTube. See it here
    Three things on your bucket list: Watch the Demons win an AFL premiership, run Berlin Marathon, retire with a million dollars in super
    Most important thing to me: Good health


    John Dixon


    Nickname: JD/Dicko
    Vital statistics (2013): Born: 20/2/67 in Melbourne, Height: 194 cm and shrinking, Weight: 76 kg
    Family: Married to a very understanding Jo and 4 fantastic kids aged between 12 and 6 years of age
    Interests outside running: Family, Tennis, Cycling
    Why I started running: Have always run - doing athletics and cross country at school. Tennis has been my principal sport. Started marathons 4 years ago. It clears my head, keeps me fit and energised.
    First joined the Midday Milers: In May 2013 after meeting Smurf, Thorny and Dozer for a run I got lost on down at Flinders.
    Running highlight: Crossing the line after the Marathon in New York 2009 – what a buzz.
    Sporting lowlight: Fracturing my foot in the Gold Coast marathon in 2011.
    Favourite running shoe: Nike Zoom Elite
    Favourite area for training: Eaglemont Trails
    PB’s: Marathon 3.07.25 (Melbourne 2013)
    Any pre-race superstitions: No, just look forward to the gun going off and starting.
    Most admired sportsperson: Rafa Nadal (also Rafa from the MMM).
    Favourite food: Lasagne
    Favourite drink: Solo
    Favourite movie: Remember the Titans
    Dream occupation: Tennis Pro ranked in the top 10.
    Three things on your bucket list: To get under 3hrs for the Marathon, Run Paris and Boston Marathons.
    Most important thing to me: Try hard, do my best (and try to hang on to the tail of the Milers running group).


    Andrew Coles


    Nickname: Woolies
    Vital statistics (2013): Born: Yes, Height: 180 cm, Weight: 68 kg
    Family: Wife: Roz, Kids: Emma, James and Jasper
    Interests outside running: Playing with kids, Travel.
    Why I started running: I’ve got legs, I know how to use them.
    First joined the Midday Milers: January 2009.
    Running highlight: Debut marathon at Melbourne 2012 (2:36:38).
    Sporting lowlight: Giving up on becoming an international middle distance runner. Decided to take a year out and travel around Australia.
    Favourite running shoe: Adidas Feather.
    Favourite area for training: Ferny Creek.
    Strangest place to run: In Tangshan, China installing a gauge on a steel mill where its -20C outside and so cold inside the Mill that the cooling water next to the gauge had formed an ice block around the fire extinguisher. The locals had probably never seen a white guy, especially not one in lycra tights (2 pairs), Jacket, Beanie and gloves, Running around the streets like its normal.
    Most dangerous place to run: In Columbia at 2400m on a secured compound where I was installing another gauge, running up into the quarry as I wasn’t allowed to leave the compound. With great big dump trucks passing me and climbing up to about 3000m in altitude.
    PB’s: Tan: 11:46, 5 km: 15:18, 10 km: 32:40, Half marathon: 72:05, Marathon: 2:36:38.
    Any pre-race superstitions: Don’t drink alcohol the night before a race. Like Pringles. Once I pop I can’t stop .
    Most admired sportsperson: Steve Ovett.
    Favourite food: Asian (But not Japanese due to a bad experience when over there for work).
    Favourite drink: Snake bite and black (Half lager, half cider and dash of blackcurrant cordial).
    Favourite movie: Aliens (Love science fiction and love space).
    Dream occupation: SAS. It’s also a life regret that I never got into the army. Can’t do it now with a family, as I couldn’t put them through it.
    A little known fact about you: I have ran on every continent apart from Antarctica.
    Three things on your bucket list: Visit the jungle in Costa Rica, Sub 2:30 marathon, Visit Antarctica and go for a run.
    Most important thing to me: My family.


    Vincent Yeo


    Nickname: Marbles
    Vital statistics (2013): Born: 17/03/1971, Height: 181.5cm, Weight: 59.5kg
    Family: Married to Mei (affectionately SWMBO) with 2 kids (Lachlan 4 and Cassandra 3).
    Interests outside running: Family and friends, food, reading, sports (especially motorsports, tennis, soccer and golf).
    Why I started running: Try to lower my cholesterol after being told I was a heart attack waiting to happen.
    First joined the Midday Milers: Sept 2012 (best thing I ever did for my running).
    Running highlight: Running my BQ time at the 2013 Melbourne Marathon as it was a 33 month journey punctuated with a list of setbacks long enough to rival War and Peace (see race report).
    Running lowlight: 2012 Melbourne Marathon when I had to crawl up Linlithgow Avenue on all fours. Thankfully I unknowingly avoided the pink slipper by not quitting.
    Favourite running shoe: Close contest between Adidas Adios 2 and Adios Boost.
    Favourite area for training: Tan, Lilydale-Warburton Rail Trail.
    PB’s: Tan: 15:07 (2012), 5 km: 19:45 (2012), 10 km: 42:08 (2013), Half marathon: 91:20 (2013), Marathon: 3:14:01(2013).
    Any pre-race superstitions: Empty as much rubbish from my body pre-race as possible.
    Favourite food: Chocolate (by the tonnes), steak, all food Japanese and Asian, and more chocolate.
    Favourite drink: Double strength lattes never go astray.
    Most admired sportsperson: Hard to say as I admire a few. Probably Sir Roger Bannister and John Landy for smashing the seemingly-impossible sub-4min mile barrier, and then simply moved on with their respective life as if it was just a trivial matter. Their humility/grace (in victory and defeat) and perspective in life is hard to find these days.
    Favourite movie: All running movies (unbreakable, spirit of marathon, prefontaine, etc), and action movies (preferably with Charlize Theron in them such as the Italian Job).
    Dream occupation: Professional runner or F1 driver (I have more chance of being an astronaut).
    Three things on your bucket list: Sub 3 at Boston Marathon, Transvulcania (84k ultra in Palma, Spain), be able to retire by 50 and train full time.
    Most important thing to me: Things that can’t be bought. Family, friends and happiness.


    Gary O'Dwyer


    Nickname: GGO
    Vital statistics (2012): Age: 52, Height: 5’9”, Weight: Too much.
    Family: Happily separated. 4 kids (23, 21, 19 & 14), 1 grandson (4).
    Interests outside running: Performing - Amateur theatre & choir.
    Why I started running: Couldn’t fight, couldn’t swim & was sh!@? at cricket.
    First joined the Midday Milers: 2002 (Motivated to return to running by WMG2002). There was this smallish, greying, bearded bloke I used to see in the change rooms who was the president of some lunchtime running group. Funny thing was he always looked like he was running backwards when he was actually going forward.
    Running highlight: Watch this space. Still working on it.
    Running lowlight: Pick an injury. Pre-Traralgon May 2011 & Burnley 2010 would be right up there.
    Favourite running shoe: Brooks Summon (light weight trainer).
    Favourite area for training: Creek/River trails.
    PB’s: Tan: 13:36, 10 km: 38:04 (Burnley 2009), Half marathon: 1:25:24* (GOR ’09 ~ 400m short ), 1:27:35 (Burnley ’04), Marathon: 3:38:33 (also my PW).
    Other PB’s: 1:32:44 GOR Half (23’ish km)
    Best performance ever so far: King Creon, Antigone (MTC 2008). The 2007 5Ms Race Report was pretty good too.
    Any pre-race superstitions: Yeah. Don’t get injured!
    Favourite food: Sometimes there is nothing better than a snag with onion & tomato sauce in a slice of bread.
    Favourite drink: Quite partial to a friendly merlot. Tomato juice on those rare AFD’s.
    Favourite movie: Arsenic & Old Lace.
    Dream occupation: To retire. I’m over this work caper. Being a full-time, amateur performer would be cool though.
    Three things on your bucket list: Completing another marathon. Completing another marathon. Completing another marathon. (If I click the heels of my red, racing flats now, do I get my wish?)
    How do you prepare for a race: Training. Seriously though, I try to do the usual things. Rest, nutrition & hydration. Oh, & I tripple knot my laces when wearing flats. Maybe a couple of other Milers could try that.
    A little known fact about you: If I told you then it wouldn’t be little known any longer.
    Pet hate: Handicappers.


    Rory Heddles


    Nickname: Racer
    Vital statistics (12/2012): Age: 30, Height: 182cm, Weight: 85kg
    Family: Wife (Martine), Son (Malcolm - 5), 2 Daughters (Isobel - 3 and Caitlin - 8 months)
    Interests outside running: Board games. Also poker, and pretty much anything to do with sport.
    Why I started running: See: Weight.
    First joined the Midday Milers: 2008
    Most admired sportsperson: Jonathon Brown. In an era of footballers stumbling painfully from cliché to cliché without actually answering any questions, Jonathon Brown cuts through the crap and speaks his mind.
    Running highlight: In primary school I was the king of ‘gang tiggy’. We would regularly have upwards of 60 kids in a single game. I peaked early.
    Running lowlight: Run For the Kids 2010. Got my aspirations and ability mixed up that day…
    Current goal: 2013 Melbourne Marathon.
    Favourite running shoe: Adidas Adizero Adios.
    Favourite area for training: Maribyrnong River Trail.
    PB’s: Tan: 13:59, R4TK: 1:00:09, Half Mara: 1:25:46, Marathon: 3:04:37
    Other PB’s: 57no off 21 balls batting at number 11 to win a Semi-Final with 2 balls to spare. (Went on to get pumped in the Grand Final)
    Best performance ever: MilerMan does all my best work for me.
    Any pre-race superstitions: I like to arrive at the last minute, unprepared, and get stuck behind thousands of walkers walking 10 abreast. I’m working on improving that.
    Favourite food: Everything (See: Weight). I have a particular love of Turkish Delight Cadbury block chocolate. While watching The Biggest Loser I can pound one of those bad boys down in less than 2 minutes.
    Favourite drink: 2002 Hardy’s Tintara Sangiovese (Annabella). RIP – you will be forever in my heart.
    Favourite movie: Duck Soup (Marx Bros). Do yourself a favour and watch it.
    Dream occupation: If I took money and work/life balance out of the equation, I’d love to be a police officer.
    Three things on your bucket list: Hawaiian Ironman, Boston Marathon, and learn to play the piano.
    How do you prepare for a race: Poorly
    A little known fact about you: My real name is Roderick. Rory is a Gaelic abbreviation.


    Chris Osborne


    Nickname: CC
    Vital statistics: Age: 37, Height: 175cm, Weight: 72kg 66kg
    Family: 3 boys, 1 wife
    Interests outside running: Fatherhood, mountain biking, rogaining
    Why I started running: Did the time vs. value assessment and quickly realised that I got the best value from running to improve fitness. Also I found that it got me places quicker than walking.
    First joined the Midday Milers: Nigel Aylott introduced me to the MMM back in 2002ish. First ever run with the milers was the killer loop handicap off Nigel’s handicap.
    Most admired sportsperson: Lance Armstrong
    Running highlight: 2011 Melbourne Marathon
    Running lowlight: 2003 Melbourne Marathon
    Favourite running shoe: It’s not about the shoe!
    Favourite area for training: I have a regular 22km loop that is Darebin Creek, main Yarra Tail and the Heidelberg Hill. You Yangs on the mountain bike.
    PB’S: Tan: 13:04, Marathon: 2:56:55 (2011)
    Best performance ever: Australian 24 hour solo championships, 2007. 3rd in age group, 9th overall. Qualified for the elite 24 hour world championships in the US.
    Any pre-race superstitions: Avoid pedestrian crossings
    Favourite food: Sushi
    Favourite drink: James Squire, Golden Ale. Apple, black current juice, no longer drink!
    Favourite movie: The Gods Must Be Crazy
    Dream occupation: Retired (full time)
    Three things on your bucket list: Sub 3 hour marathon. Another solo 24 hour race.
    How do you prepare for a race: Eat well, sleep well but rarely get to do either.
    A little known fact about you: Most people know this but I’ll remind you anyway. Might help with my handicap times. Remember to imagine violin music in the background as you read on. At the end of 2007 (Oct 25th), the absolute pinnacle of my fitness (on the back of my 24 hour training), I was demolished by a car on a pedestrian crossing. Fractured my spine, my skull, my sternum and my collar bone. This included a traumatic brain injury. The good wife was told on her birthday (1st November) that they would have to turn me off because of my lack of response. Responded that afternoon. A month in intensive care, 2 months in rehab then home for Christmas. Lessons learnt: always look before you step onto a road, Green man or not. Value your health/fitness, easy to lose, very hard to regain.


    Brett Coleman


    Nickname: Fat Ass or Silver Fox
    Vital statistics: Age: 36, Height: 173cm, Weight: 66kg
    Family: Emma (wife), Sophie 5, Sam 4, Annabel 15mo
    Interests outside running: Family (not much time left after work & running!)
    Why I started running: I got knocked out of the U16 400m qualifications at school & decided that would never happen again!
    First joined the Midday Milers: 2007
    Most admired sportsperson: Roger Federer
    Running highlight: Outsprinting Thorny by 8 secs at end of Melb Marathon 2009 to run a big PB.
    Running lowlight: Watching Thorny smash my marathon PB by more than 7 mins in 2010
    Favourite running shoe: Nike Lunar Lites
    Favourite area for training: Anglesea / Fairhaven
    PB’S: Tan: 11:43 (2006).3 km: 8:36 (2010), 5 km: 15:00 (2010), 10 km: 31:51 (2010), Half Mara: 68:49 (2010), Marathon: 2:30:08 (2011)
    Other PB’s: King Island Imperial 20 2010 (55s faster than Thorny)
    Best performance ever: Couldn’t sleep from excitement after running 8:36 3km so will go with that. Otherwise all races where I’ve beaten Thorny.
    Any pre-race superstitions: None whatsoever
    Favourite food: Yogurt
    Favourite drink: Any good Shiraz
    Favourite movie: Can’t recall – refer to family
    Dream occupation: Anaesthetist
    How do you prepare for a race: Rest, sleep, avoid buffets
    A little known fact about you: I swore to never do another fun run during the Great Train Race in 1989. And I didn’t beat the train!


    Emma Miller


    Nickname: EM, Em (and a couple of others which I won’t share)
    Vital statistics (12/2012): Age: 33 (Born Nov 1979) Height: 160cm Weight: None of your business
    Family: Duncan (husband), no children.
    Interests outside running: The other 2 legs – swimming and riding.
    Why I started running: To escape the long arm of the law …?
    First joined the Midday Milers: June 2008
    Most admired sportsperson: Craig Alexander, Kurt Fearnley. I loved Flo Jo as a kid.
    Running highlight: 8th in the Perth City to Surf Marathon 2009
    Triathlon highlight: 9:51 at Melbourne Ironman 2012 and qualifying for and competing at 2012 Hawaii Ironman World Championship
    Sporting lowlight: The run of the 2010 Port Mac Ironman. My stomach wouldn’t empty so it swelled up with all the water, sports drink and gels. After a good swim/bike and 20km run, I had to shuffle through to the end, and then vomited on volunteers as I crossed the finish line. To top it off, it was caught on camera.
    Favourite running shoe: ASICS DS TRAINER
    Number of bikes owned: 4 – TT bike, road bike, mountain bike and commuter
    Favourite area for training: The beach trails in Sorrento. Any nice bushy trail will do. Around Bright (including Mt Hotham, Falls Creek and Mt Buffalo) for cycling.
    PB’S: I think 2013 will be the year for running PBs. I need new 5km, 10km, half and marathon PBs, and I should probably race the tan for the first time since 2009!
    Other PB’S: Half Ironman 4:39 (Yeppoon 2012), Ironman 9:51 (Melbourne 2012)
    Best performance ever: Melbourne Ironman 2012 and Grade Seven play as Dorothy in “The Yellow Brick Road”.
    Any pre-race superstitions: None. I just get very nervous.
    Favourite food: Chocolate
    Favourite drink: Lemon squash
    Favourite movie: The Hangover
    Dream occupation: Housewife
    Three things on your bucket list: Learn to scuba dive, climb a mountain and clean the grate on the bathroom fan (it STILL really needs doing!)
    Most important thing to me: My family and friends.

    Shane Fielding


    Nickname: Slips, White Kenyan or Old Coot
    Vital statistics (11/2013): Age: 47 (03/05/1966), Height: 175cm, Weight: 63 kg (dripping wet)
    Family: Married to Kim, Corey (22), Bianca (19), Bailey (15)
    Interests outside running: Watching the kids grow up, watching the mighty Hawks, a good karaoke session, eating good food with a nice glass of red and listening to good music turned up real loud.
    First joined the Midday Milers: Early 2006
    Most admired sportsperson: Roger Federer
    Running highlight: Melbourne Marathon 2010 is right up there. You can read all about it here. 2011 Marathon PB of 2:41:48 is also a highlight. 1500m PB of 4:16.3 in Feb 2013 at AV finals (age 46) is possibly my greatest race. Stinking hot 35 degrees. Smoothy, me and 2 Box Hill guys had a cracking race.
    Running lowlight: There’s been a few. Prolapsed disc in neck in late 2004 – 9 months of pain and no physical exertion other than walking – happened within a month of running 2004 Melbourne Marathon. Stress fracture of Fibula in 2008 – 3 months of no running.
    Why I started running: Started in 2000 at age 34 – a new millennium resolution – had played tennis since I was 12 so was looking for something new. Started running seriously in 2006 after I found out that the prolapsed disc would take five years to heal and a return to tennis was impossible.
    Running Club: Athletics Waverley
    Favourite running shoe: Adizero Adios
    Favourite area for training: The Tan, the Dandenong’s and Churchill Park. Running along the GOR is pretty spectacular too.
    Favourite Training Session: Anything with a 200m/250m rep at the end!
    PB’S: The Tan: 12:20 (2008), 10 km: 34:41 (2011), 15 km: 52:56.3 (2012), Half marathon: 76:30 (2011), Marathon: 2:41:48 (2011)
    Other PB’S: 100m: 13.03, 200m: 26.6, 400m: 55.6, 400H: 64.51, 800m: 2:05.4, 1500m: 4:16.3, Mile: 4:38, 3000m: 9:24.7, 5000m: 16:42.1
    Best performance ever: Refer to “Running highlight” above – may find it hard to top that for a while!
    Current goal: Sub 2:40 Marathon
    Any pre-race superstitions: A few trips to the men’s rooms just in case – don’t want any nasty surprises during the race…and triple checking the bag before I leave home to make sure I haven’t forgotten anything.
    Favourite Food: A good Chicken Parma with chips and salad.
    Favourite Drink: Scotch and coke
    Favourite Music: Bon Jovi
    Favourite Song: Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
    Favourite Movie: Grease
    Dream occupation: Elvis impersonator or Professional Karaoke singer
    Most Important Thing To Me: My family, my health, good friends.
    Life highlights: Assisting with the delivery of my 3 children – wow!

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2019 Club Championships

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1st Female and Male: $350/Trophy
2nd Female and Male: $200
3rd Female and Male: $100
50+: $100 and Chas Harcoan Trophy

Previous Years

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1st Female: Elisa “Elmo” Mooren ($350/Trophy)
1st Male: Gary “Tigger” Zuccala ($350/Trophy)
2nd Female: Anna “Spanna” Locarnini ($200)
2nd Male: David “Duff” Hartley ($200)
3rd Female: Janice “Dutchy” De Vries ($100)
3rd Male: Shane “Slips” Fielding ($100)
50+: Gary “Tigger” Zuccala ($100 and Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2017 results.
1st: Ewen “Smurf” Vowels ($500 and Trophy)
2nd: Garth “Licka” Calder ($250)
3rd: Andrew “Compo” Compson ($125)
40+: Ewen “Smurf” Vowels ($125 and Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2016 results.
1st: Shane “Slips” Fielding ($500 and Trophy)
2nd: Richard “Dozer” Does ($250)
3rd: Simon “Desi” Tu ($125)
40+: Shane “Slips” Fielding ($125 and Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2015 results.
1st: Mark “Stodds” Stodden ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Rob “700” Dalton ($100)
3rd: Nick “Undertaker” Tobin ($50)
40+: Nick “Undertaker” Tobin (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2013/14 results.
1st: Rory “Racer” Heddles ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Stephen “House” Paine ($100)
2nd: Mark “Stodds” Stodden ($100)
40+: Richard “Dozer” Does (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2012/13 results.
1st: Andrew “Woolies” Coles ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Stephen “House” Paine ($100)
3rd: Paul “Bacchus” Marsh ($50)
40+: Mark “Hutz” Purvis (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2011/12 results.
1st: Tony “Waterboy” Hally ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Andrew “Woolies” Coles ($100)
3rd: Shane “Slips” Fielding ($50)
40+: Tony “Waterboy” Hally (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2010/11 results.
1st: Stephen “House” Paine ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Andrew “Woolies” Coles ($50)
3rd: Thai “Chi” Phan
40+: Norval “Lurch” Hope (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2009/10 results.
1st: Stephen “House” Paine ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Simon “Bevo” Bevege ($50)
3rd: Richard “Dozer” Does
40+: Anthony “AL” Lee (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2008/09 results.
1st: Richard “Dozer” Does ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Andrew “Woolies” Coles ($50)
3rd: Stephen “House” Paine
40+: Glenn “GG” Goodman (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2007/08 results.
1st: David “Smoothy” Venour ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Anthony “AL” Lee ($50)
3rd: Anthony “Mitho” Mithen
40+: Luke “LG” Goodman (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2006/07 Club Championship Results.
1st: Shane “Slips” Fielding ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Colin “Thorny” Thornton ($200 and Trophy)
3rd: Luke “LG” Goodman
40+: Shane “Slips” Fielding (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

 Click here to download the 2005/06 results.
1st: Gary “GGO” O’Dwyer ($200 and Trophy)
2nd: Mike “Grunter” Bialczak ($50)
3rd: Max “NFM” Howard
40+: Gary “GGO” O’Dwyer (Chas Harcoan Trophy)

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