Andrew Pintar

Nickname: No officially sanctioned Miler nickname as yet, however a few running friends in Sydney christened me “Iron Pintar” some years ago after I attempted to compete in 3 endurance events (a 30km trail run, a mtn triathlon, and the Sydney marathon) over two consecutive weekends. No prizes for guessing how things went by event #3 (the marathon).
Workplace: Economist at Origin Energy
PB’s: Going from memory on some of these… 1500m – 5:18 (age 16), Tan lap – 14:21, 5km – 18:52, 8km – 31:50, RFTK – 1:03.22, 1/2 Marathon – 1:29.24, Marathon – 3:48.23. It’s testament to the Miler training regime that about half of these PB’s have been racked up in just the 6 months since I joined the club. Hoping to knock off a few more big PB’s over 2018.
Best Running Experience: Running in my 1st Great Ocean Rd marathon in 2008. The course is just so spectacular. Being early in the event history there was only about 250 runners, and running with event patron Steve Moneghetti for a few kms at the start was unforgettable.
Worst Running Experience: No shockers that spring to mind. Would have to nominate the 2011 Sydney Marathon which I stepped off at the 26km mark as a result of blisters from wearing new shoes, as well as legs falling apart after having competed in 3 events over 8 days (see “nickname” section)
Racing Shoes: Brooks Raveena and Brooks Asteria. Previously Asics Gel Kayano
Years Running: Got into running as a teenager when I worked out I didn’t like and was no good at team & ball sports. Back into running now after a 3-4 year absence.
Why Do You Run: I enjoy the simplicity and solitude. I used to run in high school to give me space to think and let my mind wander. I get much the same effect still now on long runs.
Favourite Training Session: I’ve fallen in love with the track / speed work, which is weird because pre-Milers I would never do this sort of training. 6 x 1km or 10 x 600m are perhaps my favourites. Also any of the fartlek sessions.
Hobbies: Sports wise I’m a keen road cyclist, mountain biker, passionate skier, hiker, motorbike rider and occasional rock climber and high altitude mountaineer. Outside of sport, I love travelling and immersing myself in different cultures as it helps to develop a more complete perspective on life. Also reading to relax.
Most Important Thing To Me: Probably freedom & libertarianism, environmental sustainability, socio-economic mobility & education.
Biggest Dislike: Obnoxious, arrogant and generally douche-baggy people. That and mosquitos, I really hate the bastards!
Favourite Movies: Donnie Darko, Napolean Dynamite, Garden State. Anything with Will Ferrell. Indie movies with a dark / twisted sense of humour.
Favourite Music: Indie, Folk and anything with acoustic guitar and killer female vocals.
Favourite Book: The 13 & 1/2 lives of Captain Bluebear, it teaches about how we have to adapt to changing circumstances, and to not take the status quo as given forever. It’s funny too.
Favourite Food: Can’t go past slow cooked lamb shanks on mashed potatoes in winter, or a medium rare steak with fresh garden salad in summer.
Favourite Drink: Old world red wines like Rioja and Chianti, as well as Californian Zinfandels. Love a crisp highland single malt whisky also. On the non-alcoholic front, strong black coffee, and orange juice.
Favourite Event: To watch: The Winter Olympics, particularly downhill skiing and ice hockey. Also, Wrangle the Chute….a local big mountain skiing competition at a ski area i lived & skied at for 2 winters in Canada. Just has an incredible fun vibe.
Dream Occupation: Pro skier, or helicopter pilot for a heli ski operation in the Canadian Rockies.
Most admired athlete: The likes of Ayrton Senna, Michael Schumacher, Alain Prost and Valentino Rossi all impressed me when I was younger. They were dominant in their sport for such a long period.
Little known fact about me: I kind of, sort of know how to fly a plane.
Life Highlight: Anytime I’m watching a sunrise from a mountain top. The higher the mountain, the bigger the highlight.
Life low-point: Breaking my ankle skiing a few years ago. It was a shitty way to close out an 80 day ski season and a bitter end to 2.5 years of reckless abandonment of world travel. It also took me out from running for a few years. I discovered road cycling in that time as a low impact alternative.
Three Things You Want To Do Before You Die: Learn to speak a foreign language fluently, learn to play a musical instrument, ride a motorbike across Russia and Central Asia.
Favourite Quote: “Mountains are not stadiums where i satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where i practice my religion”- Anatoli Boukreev, Russian mountaineer.